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Horses for Life Summer Programs

Posted by Sonja Crutcher on May 21, 2015 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (1)

Horses for Life!

Horsin’ Around Summer Programs

Looking for a unique activity for your kids and/or family?

Learning with horses has never been more fun!


Groups, families, or individual sessions available


Here are some of our available programs:

Families! Ages 5 - infinity

Colts and Fillies! Grades K-2

Ponies in the Paddock! Grades 3-5

Junior High Alive! Grades 6-8

Youth Alive! Grades 9-12

Hoofbeats! for homeschool groups

Mini-Retreats! Refresh, revive, renew at the ranch for a morning of fun and relaxation! These are perfect for parents, grandparents, men, women, caregivers, professional staff, organizations, etc.



We are conveniently located five miles north of Angleton, Texas.


Visit for more information about Horses for Life! services,

and learn how horses can make a REAL difference!

Contact Kathy Gambino at [email protected] or 979-997-9293


Brazosport Christian School-Homeschool partnership 2013-2014

Posted by Sonja Crutcher on April 11, 2013 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

BCS Policy for Homeschool Students


Brazosport Christian School is pleased to partner with homeschool families as they seek to educate their children in the home setting, but may desire their children to be in weekly group classes.

After regular enrollment has ended, selected classes are made available for qualified applicants from outside the full-time regular enrollees of BCS. Students who enroll as a BCS “homeschool” student must commit to attending all classes for which they have registered and be accepted, on a regular basis for one academic school year unless providentially hindered. The student will be considered an integral part of the class with all the right and privileges thereof, and, therefore, will be expected to do all class assignments, projects, tests, etc. A report will be issued at the end of the semester, certifying that the course has been taken, completed and passed.

Students are expected to abide by the BCS dress code and all general policies applicable to full time BCS students as delineated in the Student Handbook, including receiving demerits and doing restitution for those demerits; as well as all applicable handbooks found on the BCS website.

Students are expected to arrive for the class on time and then leave when the class is over. Students may not stay at BCS unattended. The parents are asked to contact the school office if they are going to be late in picking up the student.

Attendance as a “homeschool” student does not qualify the student to participate in activities of the school unrelated to the particular class taken (Protocol classes and events, etc.). The student is invited to attend all field trips as related to their specific class and must pay additional admissions fees particular to the event. Arrangements may be made to take PSAT or Terra Nova tests on a per test cost basis.

Interested families are required to apply to BCS through the regular admissions process (Includes testing) and to include a $100.00 application fee with their application. There is a $50 Registration fee after acceptance. Classes for 2013-2014 school year begin August 14, and end May 23. Each student is limited to ten class meetings per week (2 subjects). Each student must attend chapel which takes place on Wednesdays.

A reminder that in order to graduate and receive a diploma from Brazosport Christian School, one must earn 26 credits through the school.

Contact BCS for application., or 979-297-0563, or email [email protected] 

Brazosport Christian School

200-B Willow Drive

Lake Jackson, Texas 77566


2013-2014 Homeschool Class Offerings

(Full Payment or 10 month payment plan)


Secondary Classes:

7th and 8th grade classes cost $275 a semester / $550 a year

9th – 12th grade classes cost $325 a semester/ $650 a year

Labs are an additional $50 per lab

DC – Dual Credit from Northwestern College additional $100/ each credit (see last page)



7th – Academic

8th – Academic

9th – Academic and Pre-AP

10th – Academic and Pre-AP

11th – Academic and AP

12th – Academic and AP



7th – pre-Algebra - Academic

8th – Algebra I - Academic

Algebra I – Academic

Geometry – Academic and Pre-AP

Algebra II – Academic and Pre-AP

Pre-Calculus – Academic and Pre-AP

Calculus – AP

Indep. Study of Mathematics – Pre-AP

Social Studies:

7th – US History - Academic

8th – Texas History - Academic

World Geography – Academic

World History – Academic and Pre-AP

U.S. History – Academic and AP

U.S. Government /Economics – Academic



7th- Life Science - Academic

8th – Earth Science - Academic

Biology – Academic

Chemistry – Academic and Pre-AP

Chemistry - AP

Physics – Academic and Pre-AP

Anatomy/ Physiology – Pre-AP

Environmental Science – Academic



SAT Prep class


Spanish I, II - Academic

Spanish III – Pre-AP

Speech – High School

Health - Academic

Art – High School and Junior High

Choir – High School



Bible I, Bible II, Bible III, Bible IV;

Athletics: (Athletic fees are extra)

Junior High Boys: Football, basketball, baseball;

Junior High Girls: Volleyball, basketball, softball, cheerleading;

(There are no high school sports available to homeschool students. This is a TAPPS rule.)


Dual Credit classes offered at BCS include: (a fee of $100 per credit applies {i.e. 4 hours=$400, payment plans available}, this fee is in addition to the per semester fee listed above)


DC ENG 1105 Composition (4 college credits/ 1 highschool credit)

DC LIT1100 Introducation to Literature (4 college credits/ 1 highschool credit)


DC MAT1015 – College Algebra (4 college credits/ 1 highschool credit)


DC PSY1005 Introduction to Psychology (4 college credits/ 1 highschool credit)


DC BIB1001 Old Test. History and Lit. (Fall) (2 college credits/ ½ highschool credit)

DC BIB1002 New Test. History and Lit. (Spring) (2 college credits/ ½ highschool credit


Selah Arts Academy in Friendswood

Posted by Sonja Crutcher on March 26, 2013 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Selah Academy for the Arts endeavors to provide quality classes in the Fine and Liberal Arts through qualified instructors with a desire for excellence and a passion for sharing knowledge with students.


For a registration form for classes, e-mail [email protected] with your student's name, age, desired class and previous experience.

Selah Academy for the Arts is a faith-based home school co-op group in Friendswood, Texas, that caters to the creative arts. Classes offered include English Composition (Word in Season Curriculum), French, Drama, and Movies as Literature. All classes except drama are for high school students. Prices range from $35-$70 per month. Registration for the Fall semester has begun! For more information visit or contact us at [email protected]


Thank you very much!


Ashlea Massie

Angleton Christian School offers classes to homeschoolers!

Posted by Terri on June 6, 2012 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Angleton Christian School is offering

classes to the homeschool community!!!

*Homeschool students may take up to 3 classes at ACS.

*When enrolled in classes, students are eligible to participate in extra curricular acitivities that ACS has to offer, such as:



swim team




science fair

PSIA academic competion

Standardized Testing

PSAT/SAT testing

*Some high school classes you might be interested in: Biology, Physics, US History, Spanish, Technology, Bible, English, SAT prep., and many more

*We also offer all of the necessary classes for elementary and middle school

*Scholorships available for full time students

*Call ACS for more information. 979-848-3842

*Or call Terri Jones 903-348-1783

Services Offered Houston Health Museum

Posted by Rebecca Laurent on April 16, 2010 at 9:52 AM


Have a group of 15 or more students who would like to spend a day at The Health Museum learning about the wonders of the body and possibly going on an off-site field trip? Contact The Health Museum's Home School Program Coordinator at 713-521-1515 for information!


Did you know that The Health Museum offers privately scheduled classes and dissections for groups of 15 or more? Scheduling a private class allows for a great deal of flexibility in choosing the class or dissection of your choice! For more information about private classes, please visit the Home School Policy Handbook on our website. To schedule a private class, please contact the Home School Program Coordinator directly at [email protected] or 713-521-1515.


Choose one of three easy ways to become a member and start receiving a year full of benefits today:

Purchase online

Call 713-521-1515 ext. 257

Visit - we'd love to see you.


Posted by Rebecca Laurent on April 16, 2010 at 9:51 AM


Interested in ecosystems and dissecting a real bug? How about dissecting a real cow's eye and traveling to the Texas Medical Center for a field trip? Or, learning how yeast makes bread rise and making real kid-tested recipes? Join us at The Health Museum for our exclusive day camps!

Guitar Lessons / Voice Lessons In Pearland

Posted by Rebecca Laurent on March 8, 2010 at 10:34 PM

Guitar Lessons / Voice Lessons In Pearland


If your interested in learning how to play the guitar or perhaps needing some help with voice, please contact:


Rey and Linda Lira

Phone: 281-787-0379 (Linda Lira) Voice and Guitar

Phone: 281-217-8551 (Rey Lira) Guitar

Email: [email protected]


Guitar Lessons Cost: $80.00 per month

4 lessons a month (Private) (30 minute sessions)

All books, guitar strings included

Beginner/Intermediate Levels


Voice Lessons Cost: $60.00 per month

4 lessons a month (Private) (30 minute sessions)

Books not included


Please contact us for more details!




Rey and Linda Lira

The Art Institutes

Posted by Rebecca Laurent on February 24, 2010 at 3:14 PM


The Art Institutes schools, you can earn your master's, bachelor's, or associate's degree in the areas of culinary, design, fashion, and media arts. With over 45 schools across North America with a variety of online and evening and weekend learning options, there's a program conveniently located near you to fit your schedule. We are committed to providing our students with a practical, hands-on education-empowering them with the real-world creative skills today's employers are looking for.

Please take a moment to answer the simple questions to the right. Your answers will help us identify how we can help you.>>>

Programs, offerings and credential levels vary by school.

Program Areas

Culinary Arts



Media Arts

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